Professional Hot Melt Glue Gun Sil Pack Lowest Price Rs.430 – 40% Off

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Professional Hot Melt Glue Gun

Professional Hot Melt Glue Gun Sil Pack Lowest Price Rs.430 – 40% Off

Professional Hot Melt Glue Gun

Professional Hot Melt Glue Gun provides a continuous glue stream with automatic temperature control. The glue gun has a no-drip nozzle and a built-in metal stand and warms up in about 5 -7 minutes. This lightweight glue gun has a soft grip for comfortable, long-term use for many industrial, home repair and craft applications, such as bonding parts and wires in electronic devices, reupholstering chair seats and assembling foam model aircraft and toys. Glue guns, also called hot-melt adhesive guns, are hand tools used to apply melted adhesives. Glue guns are used extensively in crafts and home repair to bond materials such as lace, paper, wood, plastic and metal and in industrial settings to assemble parts and close paperboard cartons. Hot-melt adhesives have several advantages over solvent-based adhesives. They produce little or no volatile organic compounds (vocs); solidify quickly without curing or drying; have a long shelf life; and do not lose thickness when they solidify. How to Use: Use hot melt glue sticks of diameter 0.8 millimeter to 11.5 millimeter. Insert the glue stick fro the glue gun tail. Put on the power supply and preheat for about 5-8 minutes. Pull the trigger to extrude melted glue through the nozzle. Use the trigger to control glue quantity. If there is some glue stick left in the gun after the job is finished, do not pull it out. Leave it as it is and use it the next time. Caution: Read the manual before using.

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Features of Professional Hot Melt Glue Gun

  • Dual Wattage: 60 watt and 100 watt, fast heating and automatic temperature control
  • Lead-free RoHS nozzle
  • Suitable for 0.8 millimeter to 11.5 millimeter glue stick
  • Drip control to prevent dripping of glue
  • Input Voltage: 100 volt – 240 volt AC

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Sil Pack PCBA-SPGG-6010 Professional Hot Melt Glue Gun Dual Wattage 60 Watt and 100 Watt, Sil Pack

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