Prestige Electric Kettle Online 1.5Ltr 1500watts Rs.670 – 25% Off

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Prestige Electric Kettle Online

Prestige Electric Kettle Online 1.5Ltr 1500watts Rs.670 – 25% Off

Prestige Electric Kettle Online

  • Authorised Seller: Kitchen Mart
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Automatic cut-off
  • Stainless steel body
  • Key Features : 1.5 Liter Capacity, Elegant Handles with Single- Touch Lid Locking, Automatic Cut-Off When Water Has Boiled, Concealed Element, Power Indicator, 360 Degree Swivel Base. 1500 W

Additional features considering before you buy Prestige Electric Kettle Online

Timer: Ideal for the working man or woman, this feature allows you to set a timer on the kettle, at which time the water boils on its own. Perfect for a timely cup of tea in the morning.

Temperature Settings: Some kettles offer you the option to choose the temperature you want to pull the water off at. So even if you’re not a fan of a scorching hot tea, or coffee, these kettles are ideal for you to choose a temperature that suits you.

Keep Warm: This feature allows the water to remain warm for quick reboils. You save the extra time required to heat up water from scratch.

Lighting Feature: Certain kettles come with the additional feature of changing lights according to the temperature of the water. For instance, in some kettles the colour of the water changes from green to blue to purple and finally red, as the water boils. So even if you’re not there to monitor the time, the colour of the water will be enough to inform you of its temperature.

Filter: While a kettle will work just as effectively even without a filter, the purpose of a filter is to reduce the lime scale deposit in the kettle while enhancing the flavour, and fullness of the water you drink.

What is the best way to clean your kettle?

There are several effective ways to clean an electric kettle. One of these is to fill half the kettle with an equal mix of vinegar and water. This mix should then be brought to a boil, and once it finishes boiling, made to sit in the kettle for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Following this, the mixture can be thrown out, and the kettle must be rinsed thoroughly to remove any remaining lime scale sediment.

Another easy way to clean an electric kettle is to fill it with water and lemon juice, and also leave some slices of lemon in the kettle. Bring this solution to a boil, and leave it in the kettle for an hour. Later, the kettle should be drained, and the bottom of the kettle should be cleaned using a clean cloth and baking soda. For the outside of the kettle, a wet cloth, or a dishwashing liquid works. Use any of these tricks, and your kettle shall be as good as new.