Bluedio Turbine Hurricane Wireless Stereo Headphone Rs. 1875 – 62% Off

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Bluedio Turbine Hurricane

Bluedio Turbine Hurricane Wireless Stereo Headphone Rs. 1875 – 62% Off

Bluedio Turbine Hurricane Wireless Stereo Headphone

The Hurricane T2’s design is a pick for the curious eye. Available in white, red and black, the headphones features a unique rotary design which hold the earcups in place and can be folded inwards for portability. Bluedio may be not be a known brand here, but in China it’s quite popular. In line with the current trend of high quality Chinese products, the T2 is quite sturdy and very light. With a frame made of metal, over which there’s a comfy leatherette padding. The rotary parts that hold up the cups make the headphones feel a bit flimsy due to the weight of the cups positioned at an angle. Though extend both cups and you’ll see the metal band.

The unit rotates at a 195 degrees, revealing a bit of faux metal. The cups themselves are plastic with metal accents, and in the centre of the outer cup there’s a spun metal like look with lines that make it look like, well, a turbine. Where the design falls short is the overkill in text, the logo looks great, but there was no need for the T in a square, or the HIFI HEADPHONE embossed text in a weird Arial font that’s been compressed, or the weird 057 DRIVER on the other side. These would be great if the headphone came in a transparent packaging, but the box is simple cardboard. While the T2 looks premium from far, on closer inspection all that text just clutters it.

The earpads on the insides of the cups are leatherette, with a perforated cloth covering the driver housing. The buttons are quite ergonomically placed on the edge of the right cup, volume buttons, power button and a helpful rocker for play, forward and back. The buttons are easy to feel out, though there’s a bit of play, so they could get a bit loose with overuse. There’s an indicator light etched near the buttons. There’s a built-in mic somewhere for calls, but there’s no evidence of this on the exterior.

All in all, the Hurricane is a premium looking headphone with good build quality. A lot better than some of the Rs 5,000+ headphones out there.

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